5th March 2017

Sociable drinking

Throughout human history, alcohol has played a part in social events, family gatherings and celebrations. We are proud to produce and sell high-quality, premium beers which, for many people, add to the enjoyment of these occasions.

At the same time, we are well aware that inappropriate drinking behaviours can lead to a variety of problems for individuals, families and society.

We will continue to play our part in addressing the harmful effects of irresponsible drinking in all the countries in which we operate, so that our beers can continue to be enjoyed by millions of responsible drinkers.

Our policies on employee behaviour and marketing practices are among the most comprehensive in the industry.

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We engage our beer consumers with effective partnerships to encourage moderate and responsible consumption in ways that are most appropriate for each market.

Case Studies


A study on driving under the alcohol influence conducted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works shows a significant decline on drink-driving in the Netherlands, from 4% in 2002 to the lowest level ever of 1.4% in 2017. Drink-driving is becoming an unacceptable social behaviour, with more and more people being aware of the issue and complying with the social norm.

BOB, a designated-driver campaign which has been in place since 2001, is an effective programme that has contributed to the positive results on reducing drink-driving. The campaign is run by Safe Traffic Netherlands in partnership with the Ministry of Infrastructure, STIVA, Spirits Netherlands, the Royal Association of Dutch Wine Merchants, the Dutch Brewers (Grolsch being one of the main members and supporters), Mercedes-Benz, and Smart.

BOB teams are active during many annual festivals, including Zwarte Cross, Strandfestival Zandt, Sneekweek and Military Boekelo.  In 2017 BOB teams had a total of 1.5 million direct consumer contacts, and 126,500 breath-tests were taken. The campaign enjoys an awareness of 99% and has helped reduce the drink-driving (BAC violations) with 56% over a ten-year period.

Do you want to enjoy a Grolsch tonight and get home safely? Make sure to arrange upfront a BOB, your designated-driver.


Grolsch places a high value on character and entrepreneurship on the one hand and innovation and sustainability on the other.

In 2015, to mark the occasion of its 400th anniversary, Grolsch created ‘The Grolsch Craftsmanship is Mastery Fund’. The purpose of the fund is to promote ‘craftsmanship’ in the regions of Twente and the Achterhoek, where the brand was born. Through this fund, Grolsch emphasizes its regional roots. Each year, the fund finances initiatives promoting economic growth and social cohesiveness in the region.

Since 2015, 23 initiatives have received financing from the fund. Three projects received this year a contribution of € 5000. The awarded projects are a mix of social and economic initiatives, in which craftsmanship and mastery play an essential role.

  • Around the Corner, together with artisans from the region, design pure products from natural or recycled materials for the interior. Through social institutions from the region, they involve ‘people at a distance from the labour market’. (aroundthecorner.nu)
  • The Zomerondernemer Twente helps young people aged between 15 and 22 to start up a business in a summer holiday. They receive a starting capital, learn practically what entrepreneurship is and work in detail on their plan. (zomerondernemer.nl/twente)
  • Resto Van Harte has been using the dining table for 13 years to connect in the neighbourhood. She has converted her knowledge and experience into course material and has set up the Van Harte Academy to train neighbourhood (www.restovanharte.nl)


Relax, watch the game, enjoy the beer – Peroni and MYTAXI drive you home

Birra Peroni, our company in Italy, role models through its campaigns the way we engage our consumers with effective partnerships, encouraging moderate beer drinking and responsible behaviour.

In partnership with MYTAXI, Birra Peroni promotes an important message: don’t drink and drive. In July 2017 the two companies also partnered with 30 key retailers in Rome and Milan encouraging people to download the MYTAXI app and catch a taxi home using a 20 Euro bonus for the service.

This year, Birra Peroni and MYTAXI are together again during the most important international rugby tournament, the Six Nations Championships.

Birra Peroni and MYTAXI allow rugby enthusiasts to celebrate with a great beer in the ‘Third Period Peroni Village’ and return home safely. All the spectators of the Italian matches of the international rugby tournament in Rome can receive a 10 Euro bonus through the MYTAXI app to get a taxi home.

The rugby fans can watch the match and enjoy a Peroni beer; MYTAXI is the designated driver.

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We have created www.aboutalcohol.com which is currently available in 10 languages, to help consumers make informed decisions about drinking, to provide ingredient and nutrition information about our beers and to understand the impact of alcohol on the body.



It is estimated that more than five hundred children in the Netherlands are born each year with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). This syndrome is the result of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. In February 2016, the documentary ‘FAS – A Silent Drama’ had its premiere. The documentary provides a picture of the problem of drinking alcohol during pregnancy and the consequences for the child. Grolsch is a sponsor of this documentary. In this way, we would like to convey the message that drinking alcohol during pregnancy is an irresponsible choice.

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